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Life & Health Insurance for Businesses & Families in Auckland

Ah Kuoi Kirwan Insurance focuses on helping business people and families in Auckland protect themselves against financial risks associated with death, trauma and disability.

Our focus is on the ways that life insurance, medical insurance, trauma insurance and disability insurance can help ensure that small businesses and families survive financially if something should happen to the people involved.

To achieve this, Registered Financial Advisor John Ah Kuoi meets each client to explore their circumstances and the risks it may pose.

“While the risks may be scary, identifying them and putting protection in place is actually a positive experience for clients,” says John.

Based on their risks and preferences, John then presents the client with an insurance programme that addresses their needs and suits their budget, mostly using underwriters such as Fidelity Life, OnePath, Partners Life and Southern Cross.

If any client has a claim, Sue Ah Kuoi & John will take up the matter with the insurance company on their behalf. Using our know-how and established relationships with people at the insurers, we can spare clients the stress and achieve the best outcomes for them. We are very strong on getting claims looked at favourably because of our relationship with the insurance companies, we take this process seriously.


Ah Kuoi Kirwan - Insuring Your Future

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